Acurian is Delivering 48% of all Randomizations for a Global Pediatric Depression Program

This Phase III, two-protocol program (ongoing) is critically important for a sponsor hoping to extend the label of its antidepressant drug (currently available for adults only) to children and adolescents. The Enrollment Challenges Children rarely say, “I’m depressed,” and parents may not recognize the symptoms. Parents may not feel comfortable acknowledging their child’s depression or know how to communicate with their… Continue Reading

Acurian Saves Eight Crucial Months of Enrollment Time for a Global Gout Program

This phase III global program, involving four protocols and approximately 300 sites, was critical for a sponsor striving to make its compound the leader in a potential $1B gout market by 2018. The Enrollment Scenario After five months of limited results with another recruitment vendor, sites‘ databases were exhausted and all were significantly behind in enrollments. Month 5: Acurian was… Continue Reading

Acurian Quickly Closes a Critical Enrollment Gap for an IBS Study

This sponsor, a small pharmaceutical company, was in a race to be first to market for diarrhea-predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)…a market with multibillion dollar potential. An 11-month enrollment timeline was critical to the successful completion of a two-protocol, phase III program. The Enrollment Scenario Study start: Sponsor hired a CRO to activate 560 clinical trial sites. Month 4: Sites were… Continue Reading

With Acurian’s Help, a Crucial Crohn’s Disease Study Completes Enrollment 60% Faster

This mid-sized biopharmaceutical company’s growth strategy relies on the development of novel immunotherapy agents. One of its biologics carried the potential to treat a range of autoimmune diseases, including Crohn’s disease or CD. The sponsor believed this agent could fill a substantial, unmet need for CD patients: more effective maintenance therapies that are also safe for long-term use. The Enrollment… Continue Reading

Acurian is Vital to the Success of a 6-Protocol COPD Program

  This sponsor was in a highly competitive race to complete a 6-protocol program for approval of two new COPD drugs. The Enrollment Scenario The competitive landscape for sites and patients was saturated, and the sponsor was competing across its own protocols, as well as against competitors’ COPD programs. Staggered protocol start-ups created significant logistical challenges. A 40% screen fail… Continue Reading

Giant Enrollment Rescue… Major Pharma Company… Truly Massive Scale

Giant need: 14,000-patient global, type 2 diabetes cardiovascular (CV) outcomes study. Patients must meet very strict HbA1c criteria while having suffered a past CV event. Following three years of recruiting, 98 U.S. sites remained active and were severely behind in enrollment. Sponsor retained Acurian in late 2011 to reenergize enrollment and help existing sites reach goal of 2,000+ randomized patients…. Continue Reading

Acurian Doubles Enrollment Rates of US Sites to Rescue a Global Diabetes Study

This was a critical phase III trial designed to be the most important study in this sponsor’s upcoming FDA submission for an innovative new Type 2 diabetes treatment. The Enrollment Challenge US Diabetes Market: Fierce competition among existing trials for patients. Lack of patient urgency to participate, since most are well controlled. Certain patient segments in which T2D is most prevalent are… Continue Reading