Increasing Enrollment While Reducing Sites

Our Senior Vice President and General Manager, Roger Smith, discusses a new trial model that flattens the top barriers – slow site setup and poor patient enrollment — to completing clinical trials on time and on budget. This model focuses on patients and then sites, and transforms both from trial impediments to trial accelerators. Click... Read More »

Defying Industry Assumptions with a Disruptive Approach

Most Patient Recruitment Organizations (PROs) have essentially been doing the same thing for many years. To raise awareness of clinical trial opportunities and encourage enrollment, their basic functions include: trial advertising and marketing communications, site support materials, study websites, and limited metrics tracking. Acurian On: Defying Industry Assumptions with a Disruptive Approach Read More »

Delivering Patient Quality

In the realm of clinical trial recruitment, there has been some concern that patients from outside the investigators’ practices are not as qualified or will drop out of a study at a higher rate than those supplied by the sites. Today’s trial sponsors are casting a critical eye on patient quality; however, quality means different... Read More »

The Challenge of Recruiting Minority Patients

Diversity in clinical trials has been challenging and thus, approved products may not be appropriately tested on representatives of the patient populations who end up using them. Even in conditions like type 2 diabetes that impact ethnic minority populations in disproportionate numbers, racial and ethnic minorities are typically underrepresented in clinical research data. Acurian, however,... Read More »