Hiding in Plain Sight: Finding the NASH Patient

Finding NASH patients for clinical trials can be a major challenge.  Acurian has a best-in-class capability to help you find more NASH patients, faster. With a proprietary database of 120 million households, including thousands of confirmed NAFLD patients, plus state-of-the-art, noninvasive screening, we are able to deliver high quality patients who meet your stringent criteria, with fixed budget models.


We make gastroenterology trials less painful…and easier to digest.

Our success is a combination of aligning the enrollment process with today’s realities, customized solutions, and true insight into site relationships. From OIC/OIBD, IBS and GERD, to Crohn’s disease, Acurian makes trials a lot less trying.

Acurian has recruited and enrolled thousands of patients for more than 60 pharmaceutical and biotech companies representing over 4,500 research sites.