Patient enrollment starts with patients-first feasibility

At the heart of every Acurian enrollment solution is the most important trial stakeholder: the patient.

Acurian is uniquely qualified to provide enrollment and budget certainty by leveraging the industry’s only platform that incorporates qualitative insights and quantitative analyses to develop highly predictive enrollment models.

We’re in touch with the patients you’re looking for

Our patients-first methodology starts with our proprietary PatientPulseTM platform. It’s through PatientPulse that we are able to offer solutions that enable sponsors to confidently reduce the number of sites required to complete a trial while still garnering the total patients required to statistically power the study.


20 years of understanding

We understand what motivates patients to participate in clinical trials, based on our two decades of global experience. We know which patients are most likely to randomize, at what rate, and where to find them. PatientPulse leverages unique insights unparalleled in scope and access, including:
  • Our 100 million-household patient database gives us quick access to people with diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and indications
  • Patient advisory boards provide us with qualitative understanding
  • Patient panels and surveys provide quantitative validation
  • Patient pre-screening and enrollment data and predictive models inform everything we do