The Global Alzheimer’s Crisis: New Paradigms in Clinical Trials and Longitudinal Screening

There is scientific knowledge. And there is public perception. And often, the two collide. Nowhere is this reality more explicit than with the current state of Alzheimer’s disease research. Without a definitive cause or diagnosis – and no cure in sight – many adults see no reason to assess their risk, or determine their cognitive status, if little can be done to stave off the disease. These perceptions present a growing challenge to clinical trial enrollment and Alzheimer’s research overall.

This webinar explores the:

  • Current status of global Alzheimer’s disease research
  • Patient and caregiver perceptions and motivations that influence clinical trial participation
  • Barriers to enrolling patients in clinical trials and strategies to overcome these barriers
  • Benefits of online self-assessments and longitudinal screening

Join hundreds of industry colleagues and learn about innovative methods to enrolling Alzheimer’s clinical trials and advancing research for this global health crisis.

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