The most comprehensive scope of global enrollment experience

Our past and current programs span more than 60 countries, with experience in 19 therapeutic areas and 100+ indications. Through our parent company, PPD, we have access to global experts in 45 offices worldwide. Acurian’s ability to track results through randomizations across all countries is a major advancement in global patient recruitment.

Sponsors need credible metrics in order to make an ROI justification, to understand if additive recruitment is more expedient and cost-effective than adding more sites or extending timelines, and to make fact-based decisions. With Acurian, you can feel comfortable that this capability has truly come of age.

Our four-step global patient enrollment process


The securing of territory-adjusted data privacy permissions allows Acurian to identify which respondents came from specific marketing activities and effectively hand-hold people through the process.

By obtaining TRUSTe® and Safe Harbor recognition, Acurian has further ensured that patient data remains secure and private
  • Certifies that our privacy policies, processes and data handling are compliant globally
  • Qualifies us to process personal health information from EU and Switzerland residents
  • Allows us to offer services everywhere in the world
  • Enables us to safely track patients from initial response to randomization