A comprehensive suite of services engineered to deliver enrollment certainty and study completion

Patient Retention

Patient enrollment is an important first step in your trial.  But to get the most from your investment, you need to ensure maximum patient engagement throughout your study to minimize the lost time and money associated with patient drop outs.  That’s why offering an enhanced patient experience is critical. And because patients need to understand the value of their participation, education and communication are important, too.  So are listening and motivating. What’s more, transportation can’t limit participation and reimbursement must be timely. Acurian Patient Engagement services enhance the patient experience through fast and efficient program implementation that's driven by proven processes and best practices. Carefully crafted around protocol-specific strategies and tactics, this service is reinforced with expert guidance and support to provide sponsors and sites with a single, convenient source for all patient engagement and retention needs.
Consisting of three integrated components that communicate consistent messages across online and offline channels, it’s the very core of our retention service. Working in concert to motivate, educate, and engage patients and caregivers, these components enhance the overall patient experience, reduce patient stress and anxiety, and reduce the risk of miscommunication by communicating with patients in the formats most convenient for them. In addition, this service creates a stronger bond among patients, caregivers, and trial sites, and reduces the administrative burden on sites and sponsors.
  1. My Study Map Mobile Application
My Study Map is our proprietary mobile application that motivates and encourages participation by using engaging “gamification” techniques to take patients on an interactive virtual journey across the globe. With each appointment, patients visit an exciting new location somewhere around the world and receive fun rewards along the way for completing trial-related activities. With each new “destination,” the My Study Map app tracks patient progress, increases engagement, and drives retention. It’s also a valuable resource for information on exams, tests, and procedures at each appointment, plus ongoing communications to relay appointment reminders, study information, and motivational messages. With My Study Map, Patients stay plugged-in to what’s coming up, what to expect, and when to expect it along their trial journey.
  1. Multi-Channel Patient Messaging
Multi-Channel Messaging informs and educates patients by communicating important study information at key study milestones to drive successful engagement and retention.  Our protocol-specific strategies use an automated messaging platform to trigger communications via the app, and email, phone call, or text message. This multi-channel approach supports busy site coordinators and reduces the risk of missed communications by delivering the right information at the right time to patients in the format they choose.
  1. Patient Engagement & Education Materials
Patient Engagement and Education Materials provide a convenient, printed source of information to educate and inform patients, manage expectations, and provide answers to their clinical trial questions. This helps prevent surprises down the line that can lead to patient dissatisfaction or dropout. Educational and motivational materials provided to trial sites include patient welcome booklets, greeting and thank-you cards, educational leaflets, and other information touch-points to keep patients informed, interested, and engaged.
Beyond our core engagement and retention solution, we also offers several options to enhance the patient and caregiver experience and remove obstacles to participation:
  • Patient Reimbursement Program
Best-in-class mix of patient payout choices with unparalleled global reach and flexible program management capabilities that reduce patient and caregiver stress and anxiety and lessen the administrative burden on sponsors and sites.
  • Patient Transportation Program
Full-service booking and coordination of patient transportation to and from the study site that lowers barriers to patient participation, enhances patient satisfaction with the trial experience, and provides customized auditing and verification of travel expenses for sponsors.
  • Patient Engagement Web Site
Single integrated source for valuable and easy-to-access study information, protocol details, and educational materials that inform and educate patients and caregivers, and reinforce study credibility and validity.
  • Patient Reconnect Program
Standard and premium patient locator services that reinstate communication with patients who do not respond to site outreach attempts and provide access to previously unavailable patient data.
Acurian Retention Manager™ is the proprietary web-based system that powers the My Study Map mobile application, multi-channel messaging, and patient reimbursement programs. The Acurian Retention Manager platform enables us to deliver the core global services necessary for sustained patient engagement and support while making it easy for site staff to enroll, manage, and maintain patients throughout their clinical study.
We offer a convenient, single-source for best-in-class patient retention solutions, and develops protocol-specific programs leveraging expert professional services, including:
  • Strategy Development
  • Project Management
  • Site Support
  • Creative Development
  • System Setup & Support
Our unmatched knowledge and expertise is built on more than 15 years of experience supporting over 40,000 patients at more than 4,000 sites worldwide. To learn more about how this service can help motivate, engage, and retain your clinical study patients, please contact us today.